Foundation for Enclosed Media Blasting Room

Media Blasting

Sandblasting, or media blasting, uses an abrasive media to clean a surface prior to powder coating. Sandblasting can remove mill scale and prior coatings, to provide the optimally prepped surface for powder coating.

At PowderMax we do our own Media Blasting to insure a clean prepared surface. If we didn’t do this fundamental step on site, the metal’s surface could be compromised with contamination due to transportation, handling, or weather. The liability of off-site sandblasting isn’t worth the risk. That’s why we prefer to do it ourselves. It assures a quality bond of powder coating to the surface for years of protection.

Our on-site Media Blasting expedites the job by eliminating the time needed for transportation to and from the media-blaster.

Benefits to On-Site Sandblasting:

1. Speeds up the job

2. Insures our quality standards are met for surface preparation

3. Reduces risk of surface contamination during transportation

4. Less risk of weather problems

5. Less risk of damage during transportation

6. Costs less by eliminating transportation to sandblaster


Powder Coating is our primary business.

Our media blasting facilities are dedicated solely to this effort.

Blasted – Ready for Powdercoat