Cable Railing

Your house has a fabulous view and is likely one of the reasons you bought the house. Yet what happens every time you take your favorite beverage out to your deck to enjoy it? Once you sit down, you find yourself staring not out at the view, but at the pickets of your railing or the dirty glass you hate to clean.

To solve that problem, cable deck railing offers a much more ‘viewer-friendly’ alternative to traditional picket or glass railings. Because cables are thinner than wood pickets, they offer an increased viewing area with nearly unobstructed vistas.

Aesthetically, cable railing offers a more modern look than traditional pickets. Cables are placed either horizontally to the handrails and disappear into most backgrounds to present a spectacular view.

Because cables are much thinner than traditional pickets, cable railing offers an increased viewing area with nearly unobstructed views. Cable railings are chosen for their pleasing aesthetic value and easy maintenance capabilities.

Cable Railing

PowderMax manufacturers powder coated steel post and bracket cable railing systems for residential, commercial and handicap accessible applications. PowderMax cable railing systems include installation, can be used for both indoor and outdoor cable railing applications and are low maintenance. PowderMax cable railing systems offer unobstructed views and is an excellent deck railing idea for any new construction or home/business improvement project.

Durability of Cable Railing

PowderMax Cable Rail is mainly a series of metal wires horizontally running between steel powder coated rail posts. This system maintains open views, allows superior ventilation as compared to the use of glass, and creates an industrial aesthetic that complements a modern style home. Installers find cable rail the most flexible and easiest solution. When used in an interior application, it frequently is blended with wooden posts and cable rail handrails, along with color powder coated steel accents. On the other hand, exterior cable rail systems are most attractively used with powder coated steel posts.

PowderMax offers the most attractive cable rail fittings at very affordable prices. The fittings are modern fasteners and proportional. These components have been designed to allow tightening using simple cable railing tools for long lasting, fine-tuned precision, that lasts throughout the life of your finished project.






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